Medium Porosity Hair

Medium Porosity Hair

What is medium porosity hair?

Medium porosity hair is the hair type that is in-between low and high porosity. With this hair structure, moisture enters the cuticle and remains in the core without escaping because the cuticle is neither highly raised nor closed. This hair type strikes the delicate balance between absorbing and retaining moisture, making it more manageable and requiring the least amount of maintenance compared to the others.

Characteristics of hair with medium porosity:

  • Minimal breakage and split ends
  • Easy absorption and retention of moisture in the cuticle
  • Hair holds style and is easily colored
  • Slightly raised cuticles
  • Hair requires slight maintenance

How to care for medium porosity hair:

  • Use clarifying products to avoid product build up
  • Use moisturizing and strengthening treatments to maintain hair health
  • Try a multi-step routine using lightweight products
  • Experiment with protein-rich products to figure out the perfect protein moisture balance

Nature's Rootz Hair & Body Oil + Butter contains vitamins, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. These formulations are light-weight and fast absorbing, providing the perfect amount of moisture and nourishment. Paired together, these products would be the perfect combination for medium porosity hair types.

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